Balivia Font

Introducing our bold serif font that was made to provide more choices for your designs. This is Balivia Serif Bold Family, it comes with many choices from thin to bold, give you a lot of choice for using it. Each of these styles has a different taste and suitable for use in various design needs and really gives a special touch, elegant and modern impression.

Balivia FontBalivia FontBalivia FontBalivia FontBalivia FontBalivia FontBalivia FontBalivia Font

Balivia is pretty good for use in any elegant or glam look design such as wedding invitations, branding, fashion, book titles, business cards, posters, and many more that fit to combined with Balivia Bold Serif Family.

Balivia type is also equipped with many languages, so it is easy to use for any country and language usage, and also equipped with alternative stylistic to make your design more attractive, and the ligatures also discretionary ligatures to be used as decorative fonts

What is included:

Balivia-Thin (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Extra Light (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Ultra Light (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Light (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Normal (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Regular (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Medium (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Demi Bold (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Semi Bold (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Bold (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Ultra Bold (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Extra Bold (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Balivia-Black (Otf / Ttf / Woff) Thank you and have a nice day

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