10 Best Alternatives to Popular Fonts

We all love the looks of some of the most popular fonts, but we may not always afford it. That’s when we move towards cheaper or free font alternatives! Even though there are many free fonts online that might be similar to popular fonts like Helvetica or Gotham, only a few of them get close to their quality. In this article I have made a collection with the best replacements I have found for fonts like: Trajan Pro, Bodoni MT, Gotham, Adelle and more. All of these are similar in style and aspect with their premium version, only that they’re all available to use for free in personal and commercial projects. Take a look at each and one of them, as they’re all worth trying!

10 Best Alternatives to Popular Fonts

All of the fonts you’ll find alternatives for in this article are: Helvetica, Gotham, Trajan Pro, Bodoni MT, Museo Slab, Adelle, Clarendon, Dax Pro, Neutraface and Gotham Rounded.

10 Best Alternatives to Popular Fonts
50 TTF | 38 OTF | 15 MB


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