Arcade Tube CRT Effect TTCBBQZ

The trend for nostalgia touches the most sensitive soul strings to play the melody of your carefree childhood, rebellious school years or inspiring college youth. If you’re a baby of a previous century or just a vintage enthusiast, such valuable artifacts as arcade machines, CRT tube monitors and bitmap games are worth their weight in gold! In case you’ve missed an exclusive auction on eBay for another precious thingy for your collection, there’s still hope for seeing cozy & cute 8bit models you’re used to — run images, illustrations and texts through this CRT Effect!

After all, the retro machines were replaced by more advanced technologies for a reason, but there’s certainly a genuine side to it, so no need to shed tears for good old time’s sake. Now you can get the same imagery but faster, in better versatile quality settings, adjusted in color, size, shape, and applied to any file type. Your “digital dashes” can appear in effect as one of **5 made patterns** and colored in **5 different palettes**. Play around with it as joyfully as you were spending time walking through one of your beloved arcade games!

**What’s inside?**

– high-quality PSD file;
– 4500×3000 px, 300 dpi;
– 5 pattern options;
– 5 color solutions.addOnsFileTypes: PSD,PAT
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop

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