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**Astral Zenith – Star Space Font**

Embark on a cosmic journey with Astral Zenith – Star Space Font, a typeface that captures the essence of the universe’s boundless beauty and mystery. This font is not just a collection of characters; it’s a gateway to a world where imagination takes flight among the stars. Each letter is a celebration of the cosmos, adorned with playful motifs of planets, UFOs, and rockets, all set against the deep expanse of space. The bold and quirky design of Astral Zenith makes it perfect for those who wish to infuse their projects with the wonder of the night sky.

Whether you’re crafting a logo that’s out of this world, designing an invitation to an interstellar event, or creating a title that will launch readers into a galaxy of adventure, Astral Zenith is your co-pilot in creativity. Its decorative elements are ideal for children’s books, where every page is an opportunity to spark curiosity and joy. For crafters, this font is a treasure trove of inspiration, turning every creation into a playful exploration of space. With Astral Zenith, your designs will boldly go where no font has gone before!

**In Package :**

**Feature :**
– Uppercase
– Lowercase
– Numerals And Punctuations
– Opentype (Alternates Or Ligatures)
– Easy To Install
– PUA-Encoded

**Note :**
_The preview mock-up, element, shadow, image or graphic stock is not included in the download file. It’s only for presentation purpose._

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