Breadley Serif

Breadley Serif It was a continuation version of the previous one (Breadley Sans) that come up with Serif type look, surely including small decorative on the ends of some of the strokes that make it more expressive. Still stunning great with an elegant look and stands strongly on its own as a heading and brand logo.

Breadley SerifBreadley SerifBreadley SerifBreadley SerifBreadley SerifBreadley Serif

This Serif version of BREADLEY fancier within sexy touch for business utilities use like business card, name sign, uniform as brand elevation, and many more. This serif BRADLEY typeface, obviously fit to embossed as an exclusive brand tag or even decorating your enormous office corner.

You can view all of the available characters in the screenshots above, and you can try out the brand new BRADLEY SERIF now for any design matter. Breadley Serif also has five weights, plus an extra superbold weight, Ligatures, small caps, old-style numerals, and other OpenType features Latin and multilingual support


  • A-Z Character Set
  • a-z Characters set
  • Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Multilingual

Product Content:

  • BreadleySerif-Thin.OTF
  • BreadleySerif-Light.OTF
  • BreadleySerif-Regular.OTF
  • BreadleySerif-Bold.OTF
  • BreadleySerif-Black.OTF
  • BreadleySerif-Thin.TTF
  • BreadleySerif-Light.TTF
  • BreadleySerif-Regular.TTF
  • BreadleySerif-Bold.TTF
  • BreadleySerif-Black.TTF
  • BreadleySerif-Thin.WOFF
  • BreadleySerif-Light.WOFF
  • BreadleySerif-Regular.WOFF
  • BreadleySerif-Bold.WOFF
  • BreadleySerif-Black.WOFF
  • BreadleySerifGX.TTF (Variable Font)

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