Chipen Font

I am pleased to present you an excellent futuristic font “Chipen” in unique graphic style! This font consists of regular, expanded, regular italic and expanded italic, these 4 fonts are encapsulated in one variable. With one font variable, this will cover 4 styles and cover all the weights between regular and expanded.

Chipen FontChipen FontChipen FontChipen FontChipen FontChipen Font

Chipen comes in bold and with a “Round Cube” cut, this is perfect for modern, Sci-Fi, and technology themes. Coupled with the stripe in the middle of the makes it appear more sporty. Not only that, this stripe can also display “Eighties” if you package it in a retro concept. Another strength of this font is the lowercase ligature, we present a lot of ligatures and one of them might be suitable for your logo brand. Finally, this font is a dynamic font with a variable concept capable of covering more ‘weight’, unique to appearing in various eras, exploring the world of retro and even science and fiction

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