Clinto Sans DCV5DNC

Clinto Sans is a simple geometric sans serif font
Clinto Sans are constructed using basic geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. The letterforms are based on simple geometric proportions, resulting in a consistent and harmonious visual rhythm.

Clinto sans serif fonts embrace simplicity and have a minimalistic approach. They aim to reduce letterforms to their essential elements, eliminating any unnecessary embellishments or flourishes Clinto Sans also has Straight Lines and Clean Edges.

Clinto Sans also have open apertures, which refer to the space enclosed by the curved or diagonal strokes of certain letters like “a,” “e,” “g,” and “s.” The open apertures contribute to legibility and readability, especially at smaller sizes.

**Special features:**

_*Ink trap_

Ink traps are small recessed areas or notches incorporated into the corners or junctions of letterforms. They were originally designed for letterpress printing to prevent ink from filling in and distorting the shapes, especially at small sizes. However, in modern digital fonts, ink traps are often used as a design element to add visual interest and maintain legibility at small sizes or in low-resolution environments.


Stylistic alternates offer alternative shapes or forms for certain letters in the font, a, e, g, and r, etc. Stylistic alternates can be accessed through OpenType features in design software. OpenType is a font format that allows for advanced typographic features and character substitutions, you can access the alternate letterforms through the glyphs palette or the OpenType panel in their design software and apply them selectively to specific letters.

Thank youspacing: Normal
serifSansSerif: Sans-Serif
optimumSize: Any Size
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