DearDay Watercolor Toolbox

Yes, it is a toolbox. The reason why I named it as a toolbox is because you will get tons of item in one product! This product will contain 10 fonts and 65 hand-drawn watercolor illustration in png! Yeah you hear it right! This product will provide anything you need to create a lovely watercolor art. Just mix and match the fonts and then you can get a beautiful lettering that you can use in any media you want! Very suitable for wedding invitation, greeting cards, merchandise, apparel, poster / print design, etc.

DearDay Watercolor ToolboxDearDay Watercolor ToolboxDearDay Watercolor ToolboxDearDay Watercolor ToolboxDearDay Watercolor Toolbox

What you will get in this product :

  1. 10 FONTS:
    • Dearday script (OTF & TTF)
    • Dearday sans (OTF & TTF)
    • Blodders (OTF & TTF)
    • Callonsky (OTF & TTF)
    • Kulon (OTF & TTF)
    • Quicken (OTF & TTF)
    • Reklase (OTF & TTF)
    • Skizzle (OTF & TTF)
    • Storytella (OTF & TTF)
    • Swiftone (OTF&TTF)
  2. 25 watercolor flower illustration in PNG
  3. 35 watercolor leaf illustration in PNG

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