DIY Home Decor Ideas: Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

It is always nice to redecorate your home, even if slightly. It gives the house a breath of fresh air. There are millions of ways to add decor to your home, but some of us love to make the decor items by ourselves. DIY decor has a different feeling as it is personalized and might mean something to you or your family. However, some people don’t have the time or the ideas and they end up buying decor items from a store. If you are not sure what to do next when you are about to decorate your home, here are some DIY decor ideas that might spark your creativity.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

Hand-Painted Wallpaper

If you have some leftover paint, you can easily make hand-painted wallpaper. Use the leftover paint with a sponge brush and you can draw a pattern on a wall to create the illusion of wallpaper. Patterns give the same feeling as wallpaper, but you can paint whatever you want and it will look unique and great.

Rearrange Your Sofa and Chairs

You can change the whole vibe of the living room by rearranging your sofa and chairs. You should arrange them in a way that encourages conversation and engagement. You can either arrange the sofa and chairs in a U-shape or in an H-shape. As a bonus tip, you can pull the furniture away from the walls to give the feeling that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Floating Bookshelf

It would be amazing for your guests to see that your books are floating. Unfortunately, they won’t really be floating, but everyone will take a second look with a subtle L-shape shelf. Secure the upper part of the shelf on the wall, and the bottom one will be hidden under the books to give the impression that the books are floating. All you need is L-shape shelves, and you can either buy them or take on a project and make them yourself.

Handwritten Canvas

You don’t have to be Van Gogh to hang a canvas of your artwork in the living room. All you need to get is a canvas (you can DIY that too), a brush, and paint. If you don’t have the talent for drawing, you can write anything you want with a big font and it will look amazing.

Word Dies

There is nothing more versatile than word dies. You can put them anywhere and you can change them whenever you want. You can’t DIY word dies, but you can control what to write and what designs to put. You can have ones for Christmas, you can put them by the front door, in the kitchen, or anywhere in your home and they won’t feel out of place.

Wool Coasters

If you have cardigans or pullovers that are worn out and that you don’t use anymore, you can put them to good use. Ensure that they are 100% wool, wash them in hot water, and dry them with an agitator such as jeans. Repeat this process three times, and when you feel that they became taut and felt-like, draw circles around the fabric and cut them to make a set of wool coasters.

Jug Lamp

Do you have an empty jar? Do you have Christmas lights? You have a jug lamp. You need clear glass jugs for it to look good. Fill the jug with Christmas lights and turn them on, and now you have a statement jug lamp you can put in the living room. Make sure the lights don’t flicker or you will grow tired of them really quickly.

Put Plates on the Wall

If you bought cheap china and you want to put them to good use instead of collecting dust somewhere, you can decorate the walls with them. Add a cluster of the plates on a blank wall, and you will have chic wall decor. You can glue them to the wall, or you can put them on a shelf, but gluing them will give a more minimalist and uncluttered look.

Mosaic CD Mirror

CDs became a thing from the past, and they are not used anymore. However, they can still be useful in decorating your house. We have all wanted to smash CDs just because, so do exactly that. Glue some of the smashed CD pieces into a mirror frame, and you will have a stunning decor piece that sparkles. You can think of other ways to use CDs as decor.

DIY Home Decor Ideas: Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

These simple yet amazing DIY decor ideas can change the outlook of your house effortlessly. You can gather any junk you have around your house and think of ways to use it as decor, or throw it away to make your home look tidier. You don’t need to pay serious cash to redecorate your house, only a few smart DIY ideas.

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