Eros Font Family

Eros lives up to its name. It is the loving fusion of 2 custom typefaces we drew in the past years : a condensed one for Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord and a regular one for Pharrell Williams and Jean Imbert’s common project in Saint-Tropez. Eros’ aesthetic is inspired by the art movement of Jugendstil and Vienna Secession in the late 19th century and are redesigned with a strong contemporary touch that brings an elegant sharpness to the drawing.Eros has a very refined expression, it conveys a beautiful organic feeling and yet the typeface is still functional. Eros Condensed is consistent with Eros Standard but shows its own characteristics as it is more than just a variation. Eros Condensed has its own design. The condensed « O » is coded to interact with the letter next to it. It will adapt whether it’s next to uppercases or lowercases and this special feature gives quite some flow to the typeface. We drew 30 pairs of uppercase ligatures and 30 pairs of lowercases ligatures to ensure the most beautiful sequences of words possible.


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