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Lilium Star

“The modest Rose puts forth a Thorn. The humble Sheep a threat’ning Horn. While Lily white shall in love delight. Nor a Thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.”

Handwritten FontHandwritten FontHandwritten FontHandwritten FontHandwritten FontHandwritten FontHandwritten Font

― William Blake

Are you looking for a way to enhance your copy?

Introducing Lilium Star – A Modern Handwritten Font.

With every hand-drawn stroke and curve, Lilium Star will delight and add brightness, modernity and elegance to wherever it is placed. Impress your wedding guests with gorgeous invitations using Lilium Star. Why not create more engaging content and inspire your audience and clients?

This Modern Handwritten font is also perfect for headings, logos, business cards, printed quotes, cards, packaging, and your website or social media branding.

What you’ll get:

  • LiliumStar.otf
  • LiliumStar.ttf
  • Multilingual & Ligature Support
  • Full sets of Punctuation and Numerals

Compatible with:

  • Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • KeyNote
  • Pages

Software Requirements:

The fonts that you’ll receive in the pack are widely supported by most software. In order to get the full functionality of the selection of standard ligatures (custom created letters) in the script font, any software that can read OpenType fonts will work.

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