Harmonique Font Family

Harmonique is an incised serif typeface designed for both text and display purposes. It’s a type family of two styles that work in harmony together to add distinction and personality to your own typographic compositions. Harmonique’s low contrast forms have the appeal of a humanist sans serif typeface. Its subtly flared terminals evoke the craft and skill of a signwriter’s steady hand, creating an authentic and pleasing aesthetic. Harmonique Display is more calligraphic in its structure – as if drawn by a wide-nibbed pen. This style is accentuated by aggressively barbed serifs and chiselled arcs in its counters and bowls. These strong characteristics help to define a flamboyant, confident style that will provide impact and flair to your headlines, titles and identity designs.

Practical features include 48 ligatures that will enhance titling possibilities with their all-capital pairings – these are accesssed by turning on Discretionary Ligatures and then selecting either Sylistic Set 1 or 2. There are also a number of alternate caps that will subtly enhance your titles and headlines – access these via Stylistc Sets 3 and 4. Small Caps are included too (along with their matching diacritics) – adding another layer of versatility to this typeface. Proportional Lining figures are available as an option if you prefer them to the default Old Style figures.

There are 32 fonts altogether, with 8 weights in roman and italic from Light to Ultra in both text (low contrast) and display (high contrast) styles. Harmonique has an extensive character set (650+ glyphs) that covers every Latin European language.

Key features:

  • 8 weights across two styles in both roman and italic
  • 48 Ligatures
  • 11 Alternates
  • Small Caps
  • Full European character set (Latin only)
  • 650+ glyphs per font.

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