How Design Bundles Can Improve Your Etsy Sales

Etsy is the leading e-commerce platform for people producing arts and crafts these days. You can sell your handicrafts in numerous categories with anything from jewellery to designer bags or home décor products to children’s toys being popular product lines. Of course, Etsy is not unique in this regard, but it has the footfall that counts. Many sellers on the site find that by simply adapting their style, they can attract more and more customers. This is where the DesignBundles can be so beneficial.

If you look at the sort of Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) packages available from DesignBundles today, then you will soon see quite how versatile they can be. Because the SVGs online we have are fully scalable, you can use them on very small products – such as baby grows or greetings cards for example – or on extremely large ones, such as banners, for instance. This means that all sellers need to do is to find a style that is likely to appeal to their customers and use it in a variety of formats. If you have a winning design, then it should sell well wherever it might be used, after all. 

Overall, the high-quality SVG designs available at DesignBundles mean that you will be able to save time on coming up with your own ones or – worse still – paying a graphic designer to come up with something inferior. There’s plenty of choice on the site, after all, much of it ideal for the arty and crafty items that go down with Etsy’s clientele. If you want to drive your sales up without forking out a great deal, then there are few better approaches to take. What are the best ways of boosting your sales with the SVG graphical designs available from DesignBundles? Read on to find out.

Allow Your Clients to Preview Your Designs Before You Sell Them

Whether you are new to Etsy, an established seller on the platform or simply thinking about ways that you can monetise the crafts you already produce, SVGs can really help to raise your profile. Of course, purchasing a bundle or two will mean that you have some very professionally designed graphics at your disposal to use on anything you like but there is much more to it than that.

To be clear, when you have SVG bundles downloaded and ready to use, you can apply them to mock ups just as easily as you can to the genuine article. This means being able to display what the chosen graphical design would like on a product in your Etsy store at virtually no cost. For example, if you want to show what a shirt would look like with a design on it, then you’d have to go to the time, expense and trouble of designing it, printing it and then photographing it to offer your would-be clients a visualisation. With an SVG and a mock up photo – both of which are available from DesignBundles – this is not the case. Simply add the SVG to the mock up image, resize it to suit and present it to your clients.

Once they have seen the design, they are much more likely to place an order for you to fulfil. What’s even better about this approach is that it takes very little time and the mock ups look just like the real thing. If the SVG or SVGs you have bought prove to be popular, then why not create further mock ups? A design that works well on a shirt could also sell well on other items of clothing or accessories, such as bags or embroidered gifts. Who knows how many new clients you will attract without facing the costs of making real samples before taking orders?

Upsell With Seasonal Bundles From DesignBundles

Many of the SVGs available at DesignBundles are sold as packages. This means that, in effect, you get an entire bundle of different designs sold within a single product line. Sometimes, you can even get several thousand SVGs to use from a single purchase and download. This is very good if you are thinking about making seasonally-themed items for your customers. Etsy is full of seasonal crafts that lead to plenty of sales. Typically, this sort of thing will appear at Christmas and Halloween but the possibilities are not limited to just those two holiday seasons.

So, if you are looking for vinyl decals, scrapbooking SVGs or stencil templates with a seasonal theme, then DesignBundles is the place to turn. These designs are suited to individualised, tailored items but you can also use them for larger production runs for things like Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes. Alternatively, why not look for some Mother’s Day designs or those that celebrate the Easter holidays or Chinese New Year? They are all available in various file formats to suit your other design software and to help you achieve a seasonal boost in sales.

Obtain Themed SVGs For What Is Hot Right Now

Sometimes you don’t need to think about the next sales season to boost your Etsy turnover – you just need to look at the on-trend designs right now. A good way to do this is to look at the craft designs available from your competitors either through Etsy or via their social media marketing. In fact, using SVG designs to market yourself via social media is also a very good way to augment sales, either by showing mock up designs or by having a cool SVG logo that looks the same on all social media platforms as well as your Etsy store.

When you are researching the trendy designs that people are into right now, it is always worth bearing in mind that you will be able to find similarly themed SVGs at DesignBundles. Look under the Crafters filter on the left-hand side of the screen or enter the theme’s name into the search bar and you are sure to come up with results that are trending on Etsy today.

To Conclude

Selling on Etsy is fun but it can be time-consuming if you don’t operate efficiently. With DesignBundles, you can move more quickly and avoid design costs. Seasonal and on-trend SVG bundles are just waiting to be downloaded so why not do so and give your sales a welcome boost?

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