Labor Day Banners

Labor Day Banners are ideal for greeting card, banner, sticker, decal, label, poster, flyer, printing on t-shirt, clothes and other tissue. Cheerful labor day greetings include hammer, screwdriver, spanner, tool, shovel, bucket, axe, lettering and confetti. 3 First May Posters in 5 color themes 5 different illustrations (4 with hands and lettering from tools).

Labor Day BannersLabor Day Banners

Labor Day Banners contain 20 stylish cute vector 1 may celebration banners for Labor Day holiday.

The background mock-ups and photos are not included.

Labor Day Banners include files:

  • 1 AI file;
  • 1 EPS file;
  • 1 JPG file.

You can use Illustrator 10 or above to open and edit the EPS and AI file.

Best wishes, Bars Rsind.

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