Laqula – Classic Script Font

Introducing Laqula, a captivating script font that effortlessly blends classic charm with modern touches, elevating readability to new heights. With its medium letter thickness, generous ascenders and descenders, and petite x-height, this font strikes the perfect balance for legibility. Its hand-drawn aesthetic adds a touch of organic imperfection, as if each stroke were meticulously crafted by hand, creating a delightful visual appeal. Infused with a retro vibe.


Laqula is an ideal choice for various design projects including posters, postcards, logos, and more, particularly those with a theme of travel, outdoor, county, old school, and beyond. With an extensive range of alternative characters and comprehensive coverage of extended Latin A for multilingual support, this font boasts a total glyph count of 394. Unlock endless creative possibilities with Laqula, and let your designs come to life with its unique character and versatility.

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