Mage Candy – Multilingual Handwritten Comic Font SZWRSMK

Introducing **Mage Candy – Multilingual Handwritten Comic Font**, a whimsical and lively typeface that brings the charm of hand-drawn comic elements to your design projects. This font is a celebration of creativity and spontaneity, capturing the essence of playful doodles and energetic illustrations.

With its irregular strokes and quirky letterforms, **Mage Candy – Multilingual Handwritten Comic Font** exudes a sense of authenticity, as if each character was crafted by a skilled comic book artist’s pen. The characters dance across the page with a dynamic rhythm, creating a visual experience that is both entertaining and engaging.

**The zip file is include:**

+ Mage Candy OTF
+ Mage Candy TTF
+ Mage Candy WEBFONT-TT

I hope you enjoy in creating something awesome using Mage Candy. Thank you! 🙂spacing: Normal
serifSansSerif: Sans-Serif
optimumSize: Any Size

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