Metafora Family PKCC8K3

** Metafora Family** has a comic style, unique and modern, it’s like dancing. This font is suitable for desaign, brand production, trademarks, book cover children, and also for wedding invitations, birthday cards. You can manipulate the font fon is in accordance with the needs desaign you want.

**File Included**
* Metafora Normal TTF, OTF
* Metafora Bold TTF, OTF
* Metafora Normal Italic TTF, OTF
* Metafora Bold Italic TTF, OTF
* Metafora Drop TTF, OTF
* Metafora Drop Italic TTF, OTF
* Metafora L’ine, OTF
* Metafora L’ine Italic TTF, OTF

** The Features of this fonts is:**

* Contextual Alternates
* Standart ligaturesspacing: Normal
serifSansSerif: N/A
optimumSize: Any Size
Additions: hasDocumentation,

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