There is a difference with the MONTECH V.01 version where the V.02 is designed a little more smoothly, with perfectly curved edges, in this version the MONTECH V.02 looks more relaxed in shape and even more beautiful if rearranged in short paragraphs.

Still designed in a mono uppercase font style, with 20 styles including italics.
MONTECH V.02, in addition to headline / text headers, also works well for body text.
Hopefully Version 02 further complements the style choices in Version 01, and provides a wider exploration of fonts with a futuristic style.

Happy designing


**20 FONTS / MONTECH V.02 / OTF & TTF**

* Thin _Italic
* Extra Light _Italic
* Light _Italic
* Regular _Italic
* Medium _Italic
* Semi Bold _Italic
* Bold _Italic
* Extra Bold _Italic
* Black _Italic
* Extra Black _Italic

____spacing: Monospace
serifSansSerif: Sans-Serif
optimumSize: Large (Display / Poster)

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