PGF Now Font Family

Geometric Sans with Humanistic proportions Typeface (Roman a.k.a. ‘Capitalis Monumentalis’), Inspired on vintage minimalism, with a subtle Art Déco air, where the configuration of the basic and open shape (long ascenders/descenders and a moderate ‘x’ height) star a crisp and luminous look, manufactured under an analytical and handmade process as used to be in ancient times.

Among its graphic virtues are a special focus on relaxed and fluid reading rhythm while looking clear and sophisticated, an upright version representing a formal voice paired with an Italic with a more expressive vocal tone, easily distinguished as a second quoted content in Editorial and Branding communicational contexts.

Equipped with generous stylistic options controlled by OpenType features as:

  • 17 glyphs variations stored as stylistic sets
  • Standard and Discretionary Ligatures
  • Lining and Old Style Numeral forms
  • Tabular forms
  • Superior and Inferior Scientific Numeric Notation
  • Numerators and Denominators for fractional compositions
  • Pre-Composed Fractions, ordinals
  • Dotted Zero for alphanumeric contexts
  • Circled numbers
  • An Art Déco style Border Set
  • Bullets set for multiple levels ordered list
  • Arrow set
  • Monetary Symbols
  • Mathematical Operators
  • Publishing and Social Media Markers
  • Wide range of Diacritics allowing you to set contents in more than 200 Latin base languages.

The access to all these options is also possible via character set panel.

With no hesitation, PGF Now is a highly valuable publishing and Branding tool that deserves to flaunt in the more elegant contexts but also daily situations that need a clear and modern voice.

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