Protokoll Font Family

Protokoll draws its inspiration from a couple of sturdy and technical typefaces such as Folio, Permanent and Record. Its design is based on a grid in order to preserve the mechanical spirit. The starting point was a comparison of metal type in Karl Gerstner’s book “Designing Programs”. It illustrates different sizes of a typeface called Berthold and how the design changes according to size. Instead of following a humanist direction, Protokoll is entirely parametric, including the spacing and kerning. The name speaks for itself: with a glyphset of more than 900 characters, Protokoll provides plenty of options for charts, infographics and data. Even though most of the letterforms are quite closed, it still works very well in smaller sizes. Compared to that, the italics are rather freely designed, with a different, almost calligraphic approach. Their letterforms also being squarish with closed endings, Protokoll Italic still perfectly pairs with the upright styles.

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