Resist Sans Font Family (Updated)

Resist Sans is a free-spirited neo-grotesque that embodies both the innate desire for revolt and a tendency towards uniformity. While Resist Sans preserves the neat, minimalist look which is associated with neo-grotesques, it also accentuates the tentativeness of each letter form. The name, too, hints at the rebellious character of the typeface. Resist Sans comes in 28 styles (14 uprights and matching obliques).


Resist Sans comes in two versions: Display and Text, which serve different purposes but remain interchangeable and even complementary in some cases. Resist Text is equipped with deep ink traps and optical compensators, which really come into play at smaller sizes. The Display version is smoother and more consistent, so better for use in larger sizes and headlines.

Each of the two versions of Resist Sans comes in 7 weights (Thin to Black) and is equipped with matching Obliques, which brings the total number of styles to 28. Two trial styles (Text Light and Display Medium Oblique) can be downloaded free of charge. Each style contains 900+ glyphs, awesome OpenType features, and around 1500 kerning pairs.

Resist Sans is truly multilingual. It supports most European and Latin-languages and features Extended Cyrillic, which gives access to such languages as Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Macedonian and many more.

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