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RetroSupply Font Pack 465423

Palm Canyon Drive

Our best-selling font inspired by hand-lettered scripts from Southern California. This font includes three versions: light, regular and heavy. In addition to the standard letters you also get extra letter combinations, transitional words (i.e., And, The).

Plus we’re about to add a brand new set of illustration characters that includes all sorts of classic illustrations that go perfectly with the font. When you buy this pack, you’ll get that update for FREE.

Seriously, this font alone is worth the price of this entire pack.

RetroSupply Font Pack 465423RetroSupply Font Pack 465423RetroSupply Font Pack 465423RetroSupply Font Pack 465423RetroSupply Font Pack 465423RetroSupply Font Pack 465423RetroSupply Font Pack 465423


Maybe it’s all the great movies from the era. But we love ’70s New York. That’s why we built a font inspired by the public fonts used in schools, subways, and government buildings.

It’s a great display font that includes six tasty typefaces inspired by the aging of the font over time. Including Regular, Rounded and Distressed (plus, slanted versions of each).


This font is our cult hit. Not a best-seller but LOVED by those who get what it’s about. SOLID 70 is not a font as much as a type kit. It was specifically designed so you can create geometric logos, bold typographic posters, and shirts that people will be begging to wear.

My favorite way to use this font is to type in a few letters, convert to outlines, and then using the Direct Selection tool go to town dragging and connecting pieces to make my own logos and marks fast and easy.

Don’t underestimate this font. Try it. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with it.


Why is it that blackletter fonts are only used at Disneyland and for death metal bands. We decided to change all that. Blackletter fonts are way to cool to be used for such a narrow scope of work.

So we created our Unlucky blackletter font specifically for delivering lousy news.

Need to fire somebody? No problem, use Unlucky at the top of the pink slip.

Breaking up with someone? We’ve got you covered. Just print out “It’s Over” with the Unlucky font and place it under the windshield wiper of their car.

You get the idea. The possibilities are endless here.


RetroSupply headquarters is located here in rainy, green Washington state. In fact, it’s raining here as I write this to you.

We’ve done two awesome things that the rest of the country can thank us for: created grunge music and transformed coffee from a .75 cent beverage you grab at 7-11 to a $5.75 gourmet drink.

Needless to say, we have TONS of independent coffee shops here. And that’s created a DYI design culture within the shops. Everything from a-frame signs to coffee mugs are branded with beautiful hand-lettered typography.

Roaster is a handmade font that captures the tastiness of coffee shops in one humble OTF file. Plus, with it’s sweeping alternate letters you can make it look like you spent all day making custom hand lettering in just a few seconds.


Inspired by beach campfires, hot coffee of chilly mornings camping, and hikes along secret forest trails. Wildfire pays tribute to the vintage outdoor aesthetic.

My favorite part about Wildfire is how easy it is to create work that looks hand-lettered. Best of all it has hand-lettered surprises built right in. Just press the shift key while typing and discover all sorts of surprises.

By choosing where you place the alternate letter forms, you can create unique looking type work for every project!


This font is perfect for kids packaging, tongue-in-cheek projects, and comics. Nincompoop was created by award-winning illustrator, designer and teacher Von Glitschka.

This is likely the best font of its kind on the market. It was carefully crafted over a decade. Von had this font in his personal vault of design assets as vector files.

Von partnered with us to convert this into an OTF font file. And, of course, never one to disappoint, Von added TONS of cool extra artwork to the font including character alternates and Nincompoop heads.

What is a Nincompoop head you ask? Well, you’ll just have to buy the pack and find out––but I assure you, it’s awesome.

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