sE—Khaft N8BQNHC

Free Download sE—Khaft N8BQNHC . This sE—Khaft N8BQNHC is a premium resource shared for free at Textfonts . sE—Khaft N8BQNHC does not require a premium account to download . sE—Khaft N8BQNHC is compressed in zip or rar format , please use Winrar software to extract and use sE—Khaft N8BQNHC “sE-Khaft”, an exquisite and versatile sans-serif font that exudes a perfect blend of modernity and sophistication. With its clean lines and graceful curves, sE-Khaft offers a touch of elegance to any design project. Whether you’re working on luxury branding, editorial layouts, or upscale packaging, this font shines with its timeless appeal. Its extensive set of alternate characters and ligatures provide endless design possibilities, allowing you to create unique and captivating typographic compositions that leave a lasting impression.

* Uppercase & Lowercase
* Regular & Italics
*18 styles variable
* Numbers and punctuation
* Multilingual
* Alternates & ligatures
* PUA encoded
* Suitable for Headlines, Logotypes, Signs, Posters, Letterhead, website and many more.
* Support International Language

**sE-Khaft WEIGHTS :**
* Thin + Italic,
* ExtraLight + Italic,
* Light + Italic,
* Regular + Italic,
* Medium + Italic,
* SemiBold + Italic,
* Bold + Italic,
* ExtraBold + Italic,
* Black + Italic

* OpenType-PS (.Otf)
* OpenType-TT (.Ttf)
* Web-PS (.otf, .woff2
* Web-TT (.ttf, .owff, .woff)
spacing: Normal
serifSansSerif: Sans-Serif
optimumSize: Large (Display / Poster)
Additions: isWebfont, hasDocumentation,

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