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SOLID70 | Retro Geometric Font

Do you want to create beautiful, custom logos and typography FAST with a few mouse clicks?

Imagine if you could type a few characters, convert them to outlines and then easily adjust anchor points to create a custom logo.

Not just any logo or typographic symbol. But the kind that you can proudly print on shirts, posters, and websites.

Sounds like a dream right? Not anymore. SOLID70 does all this!

SOLID70 | Retro Geometric FontSOLID70 | Retro Geometric FontSOLID70 | Retro Geometric FontSOLID70 | Retro Geometric FontSOLID70 | Retro Geometric Font


  • Select the SOLID70 typeface.
  • Type a few words, characters or just one character.
  • Convert to outlines.
  • Adjust anchor points and colors.

It’s that easy! The result is beautiful custom designs that look like they took you hours to make (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone your secret).


We made this typeface to make your life easier.

As soon as you load the OTF file you’ll notice a few things:

  • Each character is well balanced and kerned (no tweaking the kerning and trying to get stuff to line up right, we spent the time to get this right)
  • It looks great right out of the box. SOLID70 is perfect for creating custom work. But it looks great without doing anything.
  • You’ll feel like it’s a little too easy to customize. Seriously, it feels like this typeface is doing the work for you.

We’ve already had dozens of designers grab SUPER70 and the response has been really positive.

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