Sweet Couple – A Lovely Display Font SPH7ZS7

Introducing, **Sweet Couple** is a lovely display font suitable for your design project needs, such as; wedding themes, valentine’s themes, social media posts, quotes, overlays on images, tagline logos, posters, print needs, website banners, and more.


* A set of uppercase and lowercase glyphs
* Number, symbol, and punctuation
* Multilingual Support
* Some swashes

**So Easy to Use**

Access Swashes by keyboard

* key asteriks **’ * ‘** to feature middle swash 1
* key minus **’ – ‘** to feature middle swash 2
* key plus **’ + ‘** to feature middle swash 3
* key equal **’ = ‘** to feature middle swash 4
* key bar **’ | ‘** to feature middle swash 5
* key backslash **’ ‘** to feature middle swash 6

For Example: type **love+you**

**Download Files (.zip)**

* **_Opentype Font (.otf)_**
* **_Truetype Font (.ttf)_**

Thank you a million times for downloading and using this font for your projects.
Enjoy this font and happy creating!

Thank You

**Azetype Studio x A Piece of Cake Std**
spacing: Normal
serifSansSerif: Serif
optimumSize: Any Size
Additions: isWebfont,

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