Valentina | Cursive font B4Q5GQ3

The Valentinafont was inspired by the Valentine occassion itself. Which this font wants to present beauty, elegance but looks relaxed and is suitable for use in several aspects of design design such as, Christmas celebrations, wedding invitations, Easter events, Valentine Day and many more.

By taking a relaxed impression and Cute girly elements. Valentina wants to carry a relevance to market needs, I as a creator am very aware that currently fonts that are suitable for use in many themes and platforms are very popular.

So the inspiration and narrative that I want to build refers to my desire to make Valentina font as a font that can fill your design ideas and inspiration.

This font has a tropical, flexible, luxurious, fun feel. which you can see in the visual fields and lines contained in the Valentina font. which is where the basic foundation of this font has a script font type which of course is very flexible to be used in any field. such as logo design, posters, tourist brochures, pamphlets, wedding invitations, valentine, Christmas, Easter letters and posters, as well as presentations for tourist sites.

in valentina font I also complete with additional vector icons with valentine day theme, which you can access in Valentine Icon otf/ttf font format.

Therefore, I present to you the Valentina font.

Font Compatible with
→ Photoshop
→ Corel/Ai
→ ios/Ms

This purchase is in the form of a ZIP file only:

Explore your creativity with Valentina fonts.spacing: Normal,Monospace
serifSansSerif: N/A
optimumSize: Any Size
Additions: isWebfont, hasDocumentation,

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