Vectory Family MAPYKYY

**Vectory Family** is a millennial generation serif font, made with a very soft touch. Vectory is a font family, it comes in 14 weights, namely; 7 upright weights and 7 sloping weights


* Vectory Normal (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Normal Italic (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Medium (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Medium Italic (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Semi Bold (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Semi Bold Italic (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Bold (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Bold Italic (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Extra Bold (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Extra Bold Italic (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Black (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Black Italic (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Extra Black (TTF/OTF)
* Vectory Extra Black Italic (TTF/OTF)
spacing: Normal
serifSansSerif: Serif
optimumSize: Any Size

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