Warped – 16 Distorted Text Effects LAQ55PH

The easy to use smart objects, allow you to edit text and update your graphics in no time. Simply open the smart object in its new document, replace the text, save, close and you’re done!

Auto DraftAuto DraftAuto Draft

Each effect is fully customizable using smart filters; and with the additional of included gradient adjustment and noise layers, there are an array of combinations and options at your fingertips. 10 Additional textures are included to add further grit, age and personality.

The effect is perfect for poster design (particularly for movie and lives music events), book covers, advertising and editorial spreads, as well as for creating high impact social media posts or video thumbnails to grab attention. From lightly distorted to illegible chaos, the look is up to you.

A short instructions pdf is included to help you get the most out of the Psd files in the quickest possible time. Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 Vertical orientation psd files (A4 size)
  • 8 Landscape orientation psd files (A4 size)
  • 8 Displacement maps
  • 10 High resolution (6000 x 4000px) grit textures
  • PDF instructions file

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