Weird Better – Display Typeface

Weird Better fonts are typography designs that imitate or simulate the appearance of liquids. They are often fluid and dynamic in nature, providing an illusion of movement and flow in letters and characters. Liquid fonts can be created using different design techniques, including hand-drawn illustrations, digital effects, or 3D modeling software.


Some common features of liquid fonts include:

– Fluid and dynamic appearance: Weird Better fonts have a free-flowing and organic appearance, mimicking the look and movement of liquids such as water, ink, or paint

– Variations in thickness: The thickness of the lines and curves in liquid fonts can vary, creating an uneven and organic appearance.

– Unique design elements: Weird Better fonts can include design elements such as drips, splatters, and bubbles to enhance the liquid effect.

– Versatile use: Liquid fonts are commonly used in creative designs such as logos, album covers, and advertising campaigns to create an eye-catching and memorable visual impact.

Overall, Weird Better fonts are a unique and creative way to portray text, giving a sense of energy, motion, and fluidity to design projects.

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