Whiplash Font

Whiplash is a natural handwritten font with firm strokes as the main character. All-caps and mixed-match are the main concepts of this font, where the uppercase and lowercase can be pair according to your taste. This font has a very strong and very prominent character that will distract the eyes. This is a great choice when used as a title on banners, posters, book titles and even magazine covers. Modern lifestyle brands such as fashion, cosmetics, and outdoor sports are also a trend to use this font style. You who like travelling can also try to write a caption or quote, people are increasingly curious about the mystery of your adventure and short notes. Besides being equipped with multi-language, we also equip ligature such as ee, ll, gg, oo, ss, tt, pp, rr. Enjoy our fonts, and make sure your brand will stand out and invite people to take a closer look.

Whiplash FontWhiplash FontWhiplash FontWhiplash FontWhiplash FontWhiplash FontWhiplash Font

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