Decorative Sans-Serif Script And Handwritten

Wild at Heart Font

Introducing, Wild at Heart, a handmade typeface, derived from my own hand lettering. It’s super legible but uniquely messy, and works so well for your quotes, logos and more!

Wild at Heart FontWild at Heart FontWild at Heart FontWild at Heart FontWild at Heart Font

What you get:

  • Wild At Heart Typeface (OTF & TTF).
  • Accented Characters: ÁÂÄÀÅÃÆÇÐÉÊËÈÍÎÏÌÑÓÔÖÒØÕŒÞẞÚÛÜÙẂŴẄẀÝŶŸỲáâäàåãæçðéêëèíîïìñóôöòøõœþßúûüùẃŵẅẁýŷÿỳ
  • Including Ligatures, alternates and curls!

Important Info:

  • To access alternates, you will need to have access to a Glyphs Panel, which can be found in programs like Photoshop CC or any Version of Adobe Illustrator.

That’s it! Enjoy!

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